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About Us

Making motorcycle apparel for hard working people at an honest price since 2012

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We don’t care what you’re riding as long as it has two wheels. From Cruisers to Cafes we’ve got you covered. All of our products are created with function and style in mind

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Our team is charged by passion, driven by innovation and measured by results


A2 Jackets

About Us

A2 Jackets can trace its history back to 2012, with a simple idea – to produce a range of motorcycle clothing that offered exceptional value and quality combined with cutting edge design and style.

Having owned several vintage jackets in the past, the idea for A2 Jackets was born. If you ever owned a classic vintage jacket, then a quick comparison with today’s mass-produced jackets will quickly reveal the different quality between vintage and modern jackets. Today’s contemporary clothing is strongly built for a fast-paced market. Thus, declining quality has sadly become a compromise that many clothing companies are seemingly happy to make. This throwaway culture is further emphasized by the fact that the clothing industry churns out up to 24 different collections annually.