G-1 FLight Jackets

Iconic jacket styles from war time pilots

The G1 jacket is a modified product of the M422a jacket. It has undergone series of testing and continuous standard modifications even up to contemporary times. But then, the jacket still maintains the basic designs and the production materials such as the goatskin, the mouton sheepskin, and the wool knit.

These G-1 Bomber jackets are made of high-quality leather and are fur-lined to protect you against the elements. Our collection of G-1 Bomber jackets features Top Gun-inspired jackets with distinctive US military patches, which will bring a unique look to your outfit, or opt for one of our simple, yet versatile leather jackets for a night out on the town.

About Us

Having owned several vintage jackets in the past, the idea for A2 Jackets was born. If you ever owned a classic vintage jacket, then a quick comparison with today’s mass-produced jackets will quickly reveal the different quality between vintage and modern jackets. Today’s contemporary clothing is strongly built for a fast-paced market. Thus, declining quality has sadly become a compromise that many clothing companies are seemingly happy to make. This throwaway culture is further emphasized by the fact that the clothing industry churns out up to 24 different collections annually


Our G-1 Flight Jackets

Our G1 jacket is a faithful reproduction of an original G1 jacket (L.W. FOSTER SPORTWEAR, CONTRACT: N-383S-20445) that we sourced and studied. We carefully replicated the pattern and this, combined with the best quality materials, has allowed us to be able to offer one of the most authentic 55J14 G-1 flight jackets on the market today. This is certainly a jacket that will last a lifetime.